You’re Doing PPC Ad Tests Wrong – This Script Will Help


You're Doing PPC Ad Tests Wrong – This Script Will Help

Ad testing can be a time-consuming part of the PPC optimization process. This Google Ads script can help you do PPC ad tests the right way.

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B2B PPC Advertising: How to Overcome Challenges and Generate Higher-Quality Leads | PPC Town Hall 55

B2B #PPCAdvertising comes with some unique challenges: longer sales cycles, low lead volume, and wrong audience targeting, just to name a few.

These are not unique challenges; almost every advertiser faces them.

So we brought in two B2B advertising experts — Andrea Cruz and Brandon Coward — who helped several B2B companies overcome these challenges and build high-quality leads.

Join Andrea and Brandon in this episode to learn:
– How to trust automated bidding with a low lead volume
– How to use enhanced conversions and value rules to generate higher-quality leads
– How to manage client expectations
– Messaging tips in RSAs
and more.

Our expert guests:
– Andrea Cruz, Tinuiti
– Brandon Coward, Powered by Search

0:00 Fred’s intro to the episode
1:18 Panelists’ intro
3:08 How to approach B2B PPC differently from B2C or e-commerce PPC?
6:06 How to manage client expectations?
8:58 How to deal with low lead volume?
14:39 Some tools B2B PPC marketers should use
18:05 B2B Bidding strategies
23:22 How to think about funnels in B2B?
31:37 Audience targeting in Google Ads
40:50 The panelists share their experience running Performance Max campaigns for B2B lead-gen
42:21 The panelists share their experience with Enhanced Conversions for leads
48:30 Running Responsive Search Ads for B2B lead-gen
56:50 Brandon’s closing thoughts and tips
58:03 Andrea’s closing thoughts and tips
59:48 Wrapping up

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Google Adwords Split Testing… What to Test in Your PPC Ads

Wondering what to test in your PPC ads? Here’s a quick Google Adwords Split Testing Tutorial..

Test ONE Thing Per PPC Ad – This is called a/b testing.

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is they’re trying to test too many different things in each particular ppc ad. What you need to be doing is you need to be testing just ONE thing per ad, whether that’s a headline, description, landing page, etc.

Hope that helps!

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