The Year of Automated PPC: 3 Survival Tips


The Year of Automated PPC: 3 Survival Tips

These three high-level action items related to automation and tools should be on your agenda to consider for greater PPC success this year.

How To Setup Automatic PPC Advertising Campaign In Amazon (2023) Step by Step Tutorial

How To Setup Automatic PPC Advertising Campaign In Amazon. It’s a very easy tutorial, I will explain everything to you step by step. A Great tool to use for Amazon keywords is Helium10 or Junglescout, make sure to check it out.

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Scale Insights Tool Intro: Learning How to Automate and Dominate Amazon PPC Strategy

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By the end of this video you should learn:

How To Optimize Your Amazon PPC Campaign For Profitability and Growth.

✔️ – 00:00 – Today Lucas has an Advanced Amazon PPC discussion with Stefano about Scale Insights management to move forward with your portfolio of tools you can add to your business. Also, this tool is to simplify the way you as an Amazon PPC manager look at data during your overall strategy.

✔️ – 0:33 – Over years of beta tests software, this is a gold mine with every piece of data you need to run your Amazon PPC campaigns. You can automate your experience by keeping your strategy together and all in one place.

✔️ – 1:01 – Lucas shows a case study that has been running for a year now. With this software and right Amazon PPC management, you can see the statistics that they have grown an Amazon PPC account over 100% in a year. Scaling Optimization is real and you should join us along with the trend.

✔️ – 1:44 – Stefano describes the 3 main components of Scale Insights. Your Amazon PPC expert explains the dashboard and how to gain the correct information from this tool. You will get an overview of the company from the dashboard. For example, there are tabs that show Sales Distribution, P &L Distribution, Units, and Amazon pay per click. On top of that, you can see the product performance. As an Amazon PPC manager, this tool will continue to grow your Amazon PPC strategy.

✔️ – 2:39 – In this part of the video, is where you can see how you can bring results to your Amazon PPC experience. You do not have to take the extra time to bring business reports and platform results together to show yourself or clients. You will have it together in one space.

✔️ – 4:14 – Next, your Amazon PPC experts continue with their overview of Scale Insights by describing the 2 other main components, which start with Product performance. The Product Trend breaks down every metric about an individual product. The last component that is talked about is the Rules. These rules are entered in the algorithm to help scale and progressively grow with automation.

✔️ – 5:38 – In conclusion, this is video by Lucas and Stefano is an introduction into a series that will go more in-depth on those 3 main components and breakdown how to manage and become successful in Amazon PPC with automation. Scale Insights is a perfect way to move forward with Amazon PPC and grow.

I hope this Amazon PPC tutorial for beginner and expert Amazon PPC managers helped you learn how to explain what you see in the data to your clients.

This Video:

This video highlights Amazon Advertising PPC Campaign Strategies that have worked great for my clients so I hope you find it incredibly valuable.

I wished I would have had someone giving Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tutorials for Amazon Sellers when I first started because it would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars experimenting the hard way.

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Does Amazon PPC Software REALLY work? I Put Amazon PPC Management to the Test

Skeptical of Amazon PPC software I decided to run a REAL WORLD TEST using an Amazon PPC Automation tool. Here are the results. This can be used for your Amazon PPC Launch Strategy 2022 or as an Amazon PPC Management Software as you conduct Amazon PPC optimization in 2022. In all cases, Amazon PPC tools aim to remove the guesswork from your Amazon PPC strategy.

// Sellics
▶ Create Smart Campaigns (NOW called GOALS):
▶ Free Benchmarker:
▶ Smart Campaign Instructions:

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This Amazon PPC optimization tool is called Sellics Smart Campaigns. It has been designed to optimize your PPC on Amazon through a specific Amazon PPC campaign structure that includes an Amazon PPC auto campaign and manual campaign. As with most software, it claims to be able to do more than just one Amazon PPC expert. Amazon PPC 2022 is more competitive than ever, so I tested these PPC smart campaigns to see if they can help us reduce ACoS and boost profits.

00:00 – Intro

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Amazon PPC Strategy for Beginners in 2023! (Complete A to Z Masterclass)

This video is complete masterclass on Amazon PPC. We will help you go from beginner to expert with Amazon PPC in 2023. Here is a list of what you will learn!!

– What is Amazon PPC?
– How to I set up Amazon PPC?
– What is the difference between PPC Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Campaigns?
– How do I set up an Automatic Amazon PPC Campaign
– How do I set up negative match PPC campaigns
– How do I set up a Manual Keyword Amazon PPC Campaign
– How do I set up a Manual Product Targeting Amazon PPC Campaign
– How do I find the best keywords for my PPC Campaigns
– How do I find the best products to target in my PPC campaigns

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