See How Losing Broad Match Modified Will Impact Your Google Ads


See How Losing Broad Match Modified Will Impact Your Google Ads

How will the retirement of Broad Match Modified keywords affect your Google Ads performance? A former Googler shares his script for measuring the impact.

The benefits of using Broad Match Modifier in Google AdWords

PPC Manager, Josh White, shares the benefits of using a Broad Match Modifier in Google Adwords, and the methodology behind Jellyfish utilising this within PPC campaigns.

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Important Update To Google Ads Keyword Targeting – Broad Match Modifier and Phrase Match Keywords

Check out some Google Ads news about Keyword Targeting in 2019. Google Ads has recently announced that they will be expanding their modified broad match and phrase match keyword match types. The rollout will be happening over the next several weeks in English, with rollouts in other languages happening into 2020. With the expansion of Exact Match keywords including close variants, it is another huge update when it comes to keyword targeting within Google Ads. While phrase match and broad match modifier keywords already matched close variants and keyword variations, they will now match synonyms and words that share the same meaning. In the example provided by Google, that means if you are targeting a keyword like “grass cutting” it will also match a search query like “lawn mowing” since it shares the searchers intent and the keyword and search term share the same meaning.

Google says you can “Reach more of the right customers with phrase match and broad match modifiers.”

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Google Ads Negative Keywords for Search & Display Campaigns and Negative Keyword Lists 2019:

Since there are so many searches on Google each year, Google Ads is looking to make sure their advertisers can capture every single one of them. Between misspellings, the order of words, close variants, synonyms, and more, Google wants to make sure that you aren’t missing out on potential customers.

On the other hand, it hurts advertisers who have spent hours, days, weeks, and months updating their Google Ads campaigns to organize their keywords. One of the main challenges that advertisers have is to ensure they are reaching the right customers, and keyword matching was one of the best ways to truly know a searchers intent.

In the coming weeks, broad match modifier and phrase match keywords will also begin matching words within the search query that share the same meaning as the keyword.

Google expects there to be a 3%+ increase in overall search volume for advertisers who are using phrase match and broad match modifier keywords.

Broad Match Modifier and Phrase Match Keywords will now match words that Google says “Share the same meaning.” As of September 2018, Exact Match Keywords match close variants. Google Ads will trigger your closest keyword to the Search Query. Some Best Practices According to Google include using smart bidding and adding negative keywords regularly.

My Opinion on Keyword Targeting with the new updates announced by Google AdWords in 2019:

– Exact Match can help keep campaign narrow & organized.
– Broad Match Modifier or Phrase Match can help for expansion.
– There’s no need to create Single Keyword Ad Groups.
– You should choose one keyword type based on your budgets and your goals.
– Monitoring and Optimizing campaigns based on the Search Terms Report is important.
– Add Negative Keywords to your campaigns on a weekly basis.

Google Ads Tutorial: Add broad match keywords to your Search Campaigns to reach more customers

Broad match keywords, combined with Smart Bidding, uses the best of Google’s AI to help reach searches that are relevant to your business and expected to perform within your goals. This helps you attract more visitors to your website, spend less time building keyword lists, and focus your spending on keywords that work. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add broad match keywords to your existing Search campaigns, capturing high-intent queries to increase your reach and coverage.,build%20an%20extensive%20keyword%20list.

Broad Match Modifier Is Going Away

Google and Microsoft announced this year that Broad Match Modifier keywords will be going away and Phrase match will be expanding to capture many of the queries BMM terms would have matched to. Although this isn’t’ the biggest change on the platforms in a while, it’s still something we need to pay attention to. In this video, we’ll walk you through what’s changing, what the timelines are, and what you should be doing in your accounts.

1:14 – Examples of Match Type Change Impacts for Google and Microsoft
3:35 – When Changes to Match Type Behavior are Rolling Out
4:16 – When is the Last Date to Make Broad Match Modifier Keywords
4:44 – Actions to Take in Accounts for Match Type Changes

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