How to Use GMB Posts & Facebook Events for Local Marketing


How to Use GMB Posts & Facebook Events for Local Marketing

Learn how to use Facebook Events and Google My Business Posts to promote your in-store and virtual events, sales, promotions, and more.

Add posts to Google My Business to attract customers

You can now post offers in your Google my business listing.

In this video, you will find out how to create Google My business posts and post on your Google my business listing.

This is a great opportunity for all local businesses to advertise their products or services when searchers are looking for their brand or business names.
It’s very easy to use and can be done from a PC, tablet, laptop and mobile phone using the Google my business app.

All Google business posts are published instantly and can be removed just as quickly.

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GMB Performance Report, iOS 14 Facebook Ads, Google Map Stacking

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How To Add EVENTS To Google My Business & DOUBLE TRAFFIC

You Can Use Your GMB Posts to Promote Your Event & Double traffic according to Eventbright. Did you know events post on Google My Business see 100% more traffic to their websites? WHAT NEXT? GO TO DAY 29 For Google My Business PRODUCTS

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So if you’re serious about local SEO, can you avoid learning about how to add event posts?

Over the past month, we have covered posts and how to maximise their SEO impact to help you rank. Day 7, 14, 21, and today is day 28. Today I show you 2 ways to use Google My Business posts to promote your event This one we haven’t covered before.

You can take advantage of this twofold by:
– First creating an event page for any events on your site, adding the markup, and hoping Google scrapes your site and uses this in place of third-party sites.
– Second, you can create an Event Post with the same details of the event, and link it to the schema marked up event on your website.

0:00 Introduction to Event Posts
0:50 2 ways to use GMB events
2:00 Titles on events
3:10 Ideas for types of events
5:00 How Google scrapes events
6:10 Can use Eventful, Eventbrite
8:35 Use Scheme for events
9:07 Adding an event in Google Business

Use For Title Ideas

Events in The Business Profile (Knowledge Panel) Are These The Same As Event Posts? – no

Events in the Business Profile (KP) are not connected to Google Events Posts. These events are pulled from third-party sources (like Eventful, Eventbrite) or your own website and marked up in Event Schema or structured data markup.

Are you missing opportunities for greater exposure through events?

Event Title (Optional): You can use up to a maximum of 58 characters (with spaces) for your title. If you are using all of the allowable characters, some of the text will get cut off in the thumbnail preview (more on that below).

It’s not mandatory to add a title, but if you do add one your post will stand out in search results and the title will be bold. Currently, you can’t manually bold any text in posts, and so having a title does make it pop more.

How to write mindblowing titles –

This is a date post, do could you think of an event
Things to do…Google may show it as a local event
Are you doing an open day?
Are you appearing at a local street fete or an exhibition?

This gives more relevancy to your business in the Google database

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How To Use Facebook Ads For Local Businesses (2023)

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