8 Things Advertisers Say They’re Doing During COVID-19


8 Things Advertisers Say They're Doing During COVID-19

Another economic crisis looms due to COVID-19. Most PPC advertisers and marketers are adapting to survive. Here's what they're doing.

A Global View on COVID 19: Challenges and Opportunities for the Advertising Television Industry

COVID-19 Inquiry: George Osborne and Dame Sally Davies give evidence

The COVID inquiry, set up to examine the UK’s response to and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues with former chancellor George Osborne giving evidence.

Also giving evidence to the inquiry today is Sir Oliver Letwin, former minister for government between 2010 and 2016, and Dame Sally Davies, former chief medical officer between 2011 and 2019.

Read more here: https://trib.al/MWgJeDZ

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Webinar Preview – Facebook Advertising During COVID-19

UK COVID-19 Inquiry LIVE: Panel Hears Evidence For The Second Week of Its Investigation

UK COVID-19 Inquiry LIVE: Panel Hears Evidence For The Second Week of Its Investigation

The UK COVID-19 Inquiry hears evidence for its first module, on resilience and preparedness, with hearings set to last six weeks.

It is the first public hearing, two years after the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced for an inquiry.

The UK inquiry has categorized the discussion topics into six modules. However, more modules are expected to be added in the list.
-Resilience and Preparedness
-High level political and administrative decision making
-Impact of the pandemic on UK’s health systems
-Vaccines and therapeutics
-Government procurement
-The care sector

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